Wally Glisse Sailing

sur formules cours


Plage du Moutchic,
33680 Lacanau,
+33 (0)6 61 92 15 77


Open from April to October

Open from the monday to the sunday, 8. 00 Am to 22.00 Pm

2nd season for Wally Glisse, on the lake of Lacanau! They know it as their pocket ! Indeed, Yann is a local Moutchic, he is almost born! From April to October, this sailing school will make you discover this sport on all the different media that the Wally Glisse offers: windsurfing, catamaran, dinghy, funboard, windfoil.

From discovery to perfection, do not hesitate!

Get 10% off all classes!

To find the WALLY TEAM, go to the wally’s lodge at the end of the parking lot of the Moutchic beach. Serious and fun will be at the date!


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