Spot Coaching 



Domaine de Pitrot
Route de Lacanau,
33680 Lacanau
06 10 14 62 03


Sur Rendez-vous

SPOT COACHING is trainings of Evelyne BOUCHGUA, fitness teacher with 23 years of experience; she is the cement of the coaching team that surrounds her.

His students appreciate him for his great motivation and his involvement in each of his classes.


Always motivated and full of energy, she could get you out of your comfort zone …

However, do not worry … everyone works at their own pace and according to their physical abilities.


To find the SPOT, go to the Domaine de Pitrot, located between Lacanau Ville and the Moutchic lake, you will be able to practice a variety of cardio classes, muscle building, pilates but also Yoga, Bike, cross training in a exceptional setting.


With the Lacanau Pass, benefit from preferential rates for card holders up to a discount of 10%:

– on a package of 5 collective classes at 72 € instead of 80 €, (except Yoga classes)


-on a package of 10 sessions of collective classes at € 126 instead of € 140, (excluding Yoga classes)

But also give yourself a free trial of MIHABODYTEC *

Discovery Offer (= one-time discount for each service)


* Machine soliciting 8 muscle groups via belts and an electrostimulation vest: a device that stimulates the muscles as if you had been training for 4 hours in just 20 minutes!

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