Accès 11 (océanides)
Promenade Emile Lacaze
33680 Lacanau-Océan

+33 (0)6 63 85 33 15



A partir de juin 2020 et jusqu’aux vacances d’été: tous les week-end et les mercredis.

Pendant les grandes vacances: 7j/7j

“PIRATE SURFING” : a surfschool specialized in teaching surfing for children !


A fun atmosphere, a mutual trust-building, and good laughs! Let’s go !

Diego, very invested in his role of captain, will transmit his passion for surfing thanks to his patience and his adapted pedagogy.

No pressure, everyone’s rhythm, and everyone will enjoy, whatever the level!

That’s all that matters !

To extend the session, Diego offers in partnership with the Lacanau Pass the following packages:

* For a “Discovery” course from 1h30 to 36 €, one hour of rent, (board + combination) offered.

* For a “Discovery plus” formula from 2x1h30 to 68 €, 2 hours rental, (board + combination) offered.

* For a Pirate course from 5x1h30 to 150 €, half a day rental (board and combination) offered.

Permanent offer (recurring discounts)


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