20 Allée Pierre Ortal,
33680 Lacanau
05 57 70 23 81


Horaires d’ouverture :
Lundi : 09:00–00:00
Mardi : 09:00–00:00
Mercredi : 09:00–00:00
Jeudi : 09:00–00:00
Vendredi : 09:00–00:00
Samedi : 09:00–00:00
Dimanche : 09:00–00:00

PINOCCHIO is THE Glacier-Crêpier de Lacanau!


With its multicolored frontage and its ice-shaped chairs, your eye is inexorably attracted …

Then, you discover the multitude of the 60 perfumes proposed …

You just have to satisfy your greed. But you will not regret it …

In jar or cornet, treat yourself!


This is Jean-François Duport, Master Artisan Glacier since 1999, who has concocted this range of

perfumes, ranging from the most traditional, (strawberry, chocolate …) to the most unexpected, (malabar …).


PINOCCHIO is home-made ice cream, traditional sorbets and crepes.

homemade waffles, always served with a smile.

Since 2017, you can also taste gourmet milkshakes.


To note :

– You can order ice cream in liter or ½ liter!

– Pinocchio also caters: making logs or frozen dessert.


Thanks to the Lacanau Pass, you will benefit from 10% on all products offered, drinks included.



Open until the Christmas holidays!

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