Wake Park 



I Wakepark Lacanau
Allée du Vieux Port, 33680
06 50 51 38 41


From April to October

Welcome to « I WAKE PARK LACANAU »!

The only cable park in Lacanau.


For beginners, know that the principle is based on a natural ski lift that allows you to “ride” on the water, thanks to a piece that you have fixed underfoot.

Do not worry ! Alex and his team will welcome you and familiarize you with the equipment.


Water sports lovers, if you have not tested yet, now is the time!

The WAKE PARK FAMILY is waiting for you in a fun spirit! Accessible to all, they promise you 100% success!


The Most :

Little impact on the environment, (no fuel consumed), the installation, made of cables and modules, merges with the surrounding nature.

So, ready for an eco-ride?


Thanks to the Lacanau Pass, by Enjoy Guide, enjoy preferential rates:

Outside July & August, a discount of 3 € on the course package of 20 minutes is granted: 22 € instead of 25 €.

In high season, you can benefit for the price of a package of 30 €, the 20 minutes, a meal at 12 € instead of 15 € at the restaurant of the village AZUREVA, and free access to the pool adjoining the “IWAKEPAK”.

N.B: Reservation required – Open from April to October 2019


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