Escape Game 



8 Avenue de la Forge,
33680 Lacanau
06 49 76 57 93


Opening from the monday to the sunday.

You do not know yet the concept of the “ESCAPE GAME” or “ESCAPE ROOM”, but you are rather of a nature curious and playful, so come to discover “TETE SEARCHER”! An unusual and original activity awaits you there … On the other hand, if you are a knowledgeable person and you like the challenge, run at ESCAPE GAME in Lacanau!


Indeed, these experiences are aimed at both beginners and more experienced people in this field. Thanks to its three rooms, your brain will be put to the test: common sense and the spirit of deduction will be the keys to your success! It will also know how to listen to each other to solve the riddle and get out of the room in time …

Manage your emotions will be imperative! Indeed, fear and surprise will be part of the adventure. Some pleasant tensions that will vanish with the joy of being able to leave the room … enigma resolute or not …? Are you afraid to take the plunge? But no, Cecile will be there to reassure you and guide you …


Thanks to LACANAU PASS, get a personal discount of 10% on each mission, go for it!

From the age of 8.

Holiday checks accepted.

CB accepted

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