72 Avenue de la Plage, Plage du Moutchic,

33680 Lacanau

06 88 12 75 64


Open from April to October


For many, the « pinasses » are traditional boats, typical of the Bay of Arcachon.

But did you know that there were also someones on our Médoc lakes and all along the Gascon coast?


Frank, the captain, can tell you about it. Canaulais, he knows a lot about the lake and its history.

So, go on board “La Jeanne”, and enjoy a moment of tranquility, discovery, friendly sharing!


Lake Villages, Bird Islands, fauna, flora, canal … a beautiful program in perspective! Not to mention the small preserved beaches.


What’s more, enjoy your picnic in a quiet, wilderness surrounded by nature far from the summer excitement, and swim in the middle of the lake, emotion guaranteed safely.

Call Angélique at Robinson Store 05 56 03 03 56 to book your getaway!


The ballads last about 3 hours, and the pinasse can board up to 12 people.


With LACANAU PASS, enjoy the following rates:

 27 € per adult instead of 30 € public price displayed,

13.50 € for – 12 years instead of 15 € public price,

Always free for – 2 years

DISCOVERY OFFER! (Valid only once)

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