Lacanau Pass: count on the best rates for your leisure with or without children!

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It is not always easy to find the best activities to embellish your holidays! The Lacanau Pass helps you organize and optimize your budget. Valid year-long*, it covers a wide variety of activities in Lacanau and its surroundings.


2 packages are available to you:

-The Lacanau Pass is valid for 1 to 2 people at the price of 9,90 €.

-The Lacanau Pass is valid for 1 to 4 people at the price of 19,90 €.


Friends from Bordeaux, Canaulais and Girondins of all horizons, our Pass has also been created for you – come and discover, or rediscover, Lacanau and its surroundings!


Thanks to the Lacanau Pass, everything becomes easier! You get exceptional discounts and reductions on the leisure activities of your choice: water, outdoor, fun and relaxation activities, shopping, catering… Enjoy Guide introduces to you all the best activities in the area!


*According to the opening periods of each partner.

How does the Lacanau Pass work?

The Lacanau Pass is a discount card valid year-long*, and how it works is very simple: you can buy it online or from one of our partners. Check out the dozens of activities offered by the Enjoy Guide team on our website.


When your choice is made, all you have to do is reserve your leisure activities with our partners and present your Pass on the day of the activity. Discounts and/or various advantages (permanent offers or trials) will then be granted to you on simple presentation of your card or the confirmation email of your purchase.


Your Pass is valid year-long*, for the card holder and for up to three companions. For any questions about how the Lacanau Pass works, do not hesitate to contact us!

*According to the opening periods of each partner.

Interested in our discount card – how can you get it?

To purchase the Lacanau Pass, you have two options: a 100% secure online purchase on our website or a purchase from one of our partners.

Purchase online*

You can buy the Lacanau Pass online, it only takes a few minutes and you receive your discount card at home within one week. Our site guarantees a secure payment and we deliver as soon as possible. You will receive a confirmation email as soon as the transaction is completed and can then present this document to obtain discounts on the activities of your choice.


*Under a maximum of a week

Purchase from our partners

You can also buy the Lacanau Pass directly from our partners: the Lacanau Médoc Atlantique Tourist Office, Lacanau Super U.

Do you like the concept? Enjoy the Pass from €9.90!

Our hosting solutions

Enjoy Guide, THE local guide for your leisure in Lacanau and its surroundings!

Designed for you and according to your needs, the Lacanau Pass is provided by a 100% local team, eager to make your life easier! Always on the lookout for the latest activities and tips of the moment, Enjoy Guide gives you advice and ideas to organize refreshing, entertaining, and unforgettable holidays.


Discover the selection of activities of Enjoy Guide and let yourself be tempted by the attractive discounts that are proposed. Thanks to the Lacanau Pass, all the good deals of the area will soon be no secret to you!

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