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The recommendations of the Enjoy Guide for a massage or a moment of sweetness

Enjoy yourself to a massage at a very sweet price !

Our daily lives can be stressful, sometimes oppressive. We accumulate tension throughout the year, at work and at home. If it is possible to get quiet moments from time to time, the holidays are an opportunity to let down the pressure!


It is essential to relax during your holidays. Nothing like the moments well-being and relaxation to find energy and finally feel calm and serenity! Discover in Lacanau and around many wellness activities, from the spa to the spa, through massages, cures and water aerobics classes.


It’s time to think of nothing, to enjoy the moment and relax. These peaceful moments, so rare in everyday life, are essential to our well-being and balance. Ready ?


I select a wellness activity among the offers offered by the Enjoy Guide and I make my reservation with the partner concerned

I enjoy a moment of relaxation and deep relaxation during my holidays in Lacanau Océan

I save money thanks to the Lacanau Pass and I get a discount on the care or the activity of my choice

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